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Guaranteed Health of Every Puppy

As a dog lover, bringing a new puppy into your home is always an exciting experience. Choosing a puppy from a breeder can be nerve-wracking, especially when it comes to guaranteeing their health. Here at Tubb’s Puppies, we want to ensure that our families not only have the best quality puppies but also healthy ones. Tubb’s Puppies will explain how we guarantee the health of every puppy that we produce:

  • Health Checks: Before a puppy leaves our premises, we ensure that each of them is in good health by conducting a health check. This health check includes a thorough examination by a licensed veterinarian to ensure that they have no underlying health issues.
  • Diet: A healthy diet is vital to the health of any puppy. That is why we ensure that our puppies are fed a balanced diet that meets their nutritional requirements. We also provide our customers with feeding recommendations to maintain optimal health for their new puppies.
  • Genetic Testing: Genetic testing is a significant aspect of our breeding program. We only use championship bloodlines and genetics from around the world to ensure that the puppies we produce are free from hereditary health issues. We also conduct genetic testing on all breeding dogs to ensure we breed only the healthiest and best genetics.
  • Socialization: Puppy socialization and training are critical to the puppies emotional and psychological health. We provide ample time for socializing our puppies with people, children, and other pets, which helps them adjust easily to their new homes. Socialization is a crucial aspect of puppy training, and we take it seriously.
  • Lifetime Support: We believe that our responsibility in ensuring the health of our puppies goes beyond their delivery to their new owners. We provide support for all of our puppies, including veterinary referrals to address any health issues that may arise in their life. We also offer support and guidance to new owners to help them care for their new puppies and ensure their optimal health and wellbeing.

At Tubb’s Puppies, we understand the importance of having a healthy and happy puppy as a member of your family. That is why we take great measures in ensuring that all the puppies we produce are healthy before they leave our premises. From genetic testing and health checks to socialization and feeding recommendations, we take pride in our breeding program and are confident in guaranteeing the health of every puppy we produce.

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