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The Austin’s Area Tubb’s Puppies Guide to Caring & Loving Your New Puppy

Puppy love is a special bond between humans and their furry friends. It’s an unconditional love that comes with a lifetime of commitment to ensure that your puppy will have the best life possible. At Tubbs Puppies in the Austin area, we are passionate about caring for all breeds, sizes, and sexes of puppies. We know that taking care of a new puppy is no small feat, so here is our guide to loving and caring for puppies.

  • Choosing the Right Breed – When it comes to choosing the right breed for you, there are many options available. You should consider size, temperament, activity level, grooming needs, and common health issues when deciding on a breed. Different breeds require different levels of care – some may need more exercise or additional grooming attention than others. Do your research before selecting a breed so you can make sure you are prepared to provide the necessary care they need!

Some of the breeds from Tubb’s Puppies in the Austin area are:

  • Morkie Puppies

  • Mal-Shi Puppies

  • Biewer-Yorkie Puppies

  • Maltipoo Puppies

  • Maltese Puppies

  • Tips To Puppy Proofing Your Austin Home – Once you have chosen your perfect pup, it’s time to puppy-proof your home. This means getting rid of any hazards or potential choking hazards that could be harmful to your pup. Make sure all electrical cords are tucked away from chewing paws and human food items are out of reach in cabinets or on higher shelves where they can’t be accessed by little mouths. Additionally, make sure any medications or cleaning supplies are hidden away in areas your pup cannot access as those items can be toxic if ingested or inhaled.  
  • Training & Socialization – Training and socializing with your pup is very important in helping them adjust to their new environment and build positive relationships with humans as well as other animals they may encounter throughout their lives. Start training early by teaching basic commands like sit/stay/to come along with potty training techniques so they learn how to go outside when nature calls instead of inside the house! Socialization also plays an important role in ensuring your pup grows into an adult dog who is comfortable around people and other animals while still following basic commands such as stay/sit/come etc.

Caring for a puppy takes patience and dedication but it is incredibly rewarding! With the right training and socialization techniques, you can ensure that your pup will grow up healthy and happy with plenty of love from their new family – including you! If you’re looking for a furry friend to add joy to your life, give us a call at Tubbs Puppies in the Austin area today! Tubbs Puppies staff members are experts in providing pets with exceptional care from birth through adulthood – so let us help give you peace of mind knowing that you have made the best decision possible when it comes to finding the perfect pet companion for your home!