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Puppies For Sale Lubbock

Celebrating Puppy Love – Tips for Adopting Your Dream Puppy in the Lubbock Area

It’s never been easier to find the perfect puppy to light up your life! Tubb’s Puppies in the Lubbock area provides a wide variety of high-quality puppies from Maltese, Biewer (Yorkie) Terrier, Shih Tzu, and designer dogs. They are sure to provide you with comfort, companionship, and emotional support.

Read on for Tips About Adopting Your Dream Puppy From Tubb’s Puppies in the Lubbock Area:
  • Do Your Research – It is important to do thorough research before choosing a puppy. Learn about any breed-specific health issues or other concerns you should be aware of when selecting a puppy. The more knowledge you have on the breed type you select, the better equipped you will be to make an informed decision.  Additionally, read reviews of local breeders and ask questions to make sure that they adhere to ethical breeding practices.  At Tubb’s Puppies in the Lubbock area, we are proud of our State Licensed ethical breeder status and scientific breeding program using only the best champion bloodlines and genetics from around the world. Tubb’s Puppies guarantee the health of every puppy we produce!
  • Puppy Shopping List – Once you’ve selected your perfect puppy, it is time to start shopping for items necessary for bringing your new family member home. Here are some essential items for your new pup:
    • Food/Water Bowls.
    • Dog Bed.
    • Leash & Collar.
    • Toys; Treats.
    • Grooming Supplies.
    • Poop Bags.
    • Nail Clippers.
    • Dental Hygiene Products.
    • Training Products Like Crates or Gates – Be sure to take some time setting up a comfortable space for your new pup so they can feel safe and secure in their new home away from home. 
  • Be Prepared For A Different Routine – Once you bring your new puppy home it is time for them to adapt to their new environment and routine. This means getting used to their sleeping schedule, potty routine, feeding times, and more! Start off slow by introducing them slowly into their daily routine so they can adjust without feeling overwhelmed or scared. Don’t forget all puppies need lots of love! Make sure that everyone has enough time each day dedicated to playing with them as well as bonding together as a family unit, this will help create a strong foundation between pet parent and pup! 

Congratulations on making such an incredible decision – adopting a four-legged companion can bring joy beyond measure! If you are looking for an amazing four-legged companion in the Lubbock area contact Tubb’s Puppies today! We guarantee our puppies’ health with only top-notch genetics and champion bloodlines which makes us one of the most trusted breeders in Texas. Let us help you find unconditional love with one of our beautiful puppies today!!